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Greenscape undertakes reconstruction works and provides immediate solutions to problems that arise even in the middle of a season, due to overworked football courts, continuous games, bad weather or other reasons, in no time.

Such reconstruction include:

  • Partial or total replacement of the turf. With the innovative FAST FIELD system, Greenscape has the potential to remove the damaged turf off a stadium, leaving a perfect surface for the placement of new sod. The time required is an amazing 3 day total.
  • Eliminating imperfections of the land by sand re-allocation or removal of grass, correct the anomalies and reinstalled.
  • Restoration of the drainage system. Soil aeration is done with either local corrections or radical improvement of the existing drainage system.
  • Improve the density of the turf by on top sown with a machine that sows the seeds and inserts them in the soil, thus increasing the density of a tired lawn.
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