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The days when a vacant lot and just a ball was all a dedicated athlete needed to play good football, is gone for good. Exorbitant contracts, loss of enormous amounts of money in case of a player’s injury and penalties management faces when a field fails to meet established standards, make the construction of a sports field today a matter of scientific study.



Greenscape specializing for years in constructing, restoring and maintaining sports fields and football stadiums, can provide guaranteed quality for professional level stadiums. We offer special design and reconstruction techniques tailored to the needs of any athletic surface. We, thus, can pick up an unformed space or even in bad shape with rough terrain and wilderness and deliver a professional sports facility that meets the requirements of an international football team.


 We specialize in:

  • Construction of football facilities 
  • Maintenance and reconstruction of football stadiums 
  • Specialized construction of green spaces 
  • Construction of Horse racing centers 
  • Construction of Golf greens 
  • Design & Installation of Irrigation Systems 
  • Special construction for outdoor parks and events 
  • Lining service for sports facilities
  • Field research and remedy proposals and solutions to problematic, dysfunctional or destroyed by natural causes facilities or non-sporting facilities. 


Human Resources


Recognizing the catalytic role played by personnel in each company, Greenscape has a long-term policy for staffing each department and every job position with the best available person for the job. Operating in a demanding and constantly changing environment, the company has as a priority to make the right choice of the people who staff it. The company is organized so that each section, although working independently, is aware of the progress and individual work of even the last worker.




Greenscape demonstrates a unique ultra-modern fleet of specialized equipment, some of them used exclusively by Greenscape in Greece. Technicians, foremen, machine operators and workers are trained thoroughly in any new technology used in our industry worldwide. The inspiring, contemporary machinery, sophisticated software and extensive experience of staff on the job, promote Greenscape as a company of international recognition in the industry. 

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