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Greenscape has the appropriate expertise and leading machinery to perform even basic maintenance in a way that will make a difference. Clipping with a cylindrical type machine, lubricating with special compositions and use of leading technology fertilizers are some of the fields Greenscape excels. Also, the use of unique crop protection methods in collaboration with a leading laboratory on the field are a prominent competitive advantage of the company.






Terrain Aeration
Specialized machinery opens holes in the ground, 10-20 cm depth at 10 cm apart. This allows the airing of the root system and facilitates rooting in the spaces created. All this promotes the health of the lawn and its durability in use.



Sand allocation
Uniform distribution of 2 mm of sand around the stadium solves effectively the problem of slippery turf due to the surface roots (thatch) that arise.



A special machine incorporates turf seeds into the ground. This increases the density of the grass, which is damaged with frequent use.



This work is required at least once a year depending on the use of the field. Renews the existing turf and deals with the problem of thatch.



Maintenance Programs
Maintenance programs are designed to take into account the fileds' specifications, the construction site, and the particular use of the field. They range from basic maintenance to financial packages for all required jobs. The frequency required for the specific field is in relation to the frequency of its use. Do not hesitate to contact us to recommend you a customised maintenance program, especially for your needs.

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