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Design - Construction

Design - Construction
The design techniques of Greenscape are based on next generation technology, which has been tested in professional football fields worldwide. Material listing and specification takes place prior the beginning of any work to ensure the best construction quality for your court. Capable of continuous testings through specialized laboratories, Greenscape can evaluate and customize specifications according to the microclimate inside the stadium, as for example the course of the sun and the air circulation, which affect the turf viability and quality.


Sub-base - flattening
The formation of the surface of each layer is conducted by sophisticated laser technology machinery in order to achieve the exact stratification of materials, the right slopes and at the same time, save time.


The design of a modern drainage system is based on the technology of the disruption of capillary forces, to increase the speed of conveyance of the soil and the preservation of the moisture in the root system of the turf. Whether installed on a system with a classic herringbone or with main drainage channels, Greenscape installs a secure drainage system that will remove excess water from the court.



The effect of wind and the need for uniform coverage in new technology fields require modern design and implementation. If the irrigation system is flawed, even to a small portion of the field, that will show immediately with colour and uniformity variations of the turf.
The irrigation system of Greenscape is designed and manufactured using high quality materials to ensure that you have a system that will work for years without costly maintenance or problems.


Radical medium
A good and deep rooting system is the basis of a good plot. The design and construction techniques of Greenscape for the root subsystem are based on extensive laboratory testing and years of experience in the construction of football stadiums. If the rooting is not adequate, the turf will not grow and the soil will not drain.
The careful selection of materials and the method of mixing sand and special soil improvers, increases the use of the land and minimizes the damage of the turf during rain.


A mixture of sand-fiber
Loksand of DRAKE Extrutions is a blend of synthetic fibbers and a special selection of sand that stabilizes the substrate of the field and improves radically the surface of the turf. This gives the field more hours of use for match and training per week and continued use in all weather conditions. This fibber is an investment both for the team and the football field, as it saves the team from injuries allowing the players to have only one care: to score.


Sod Installation
The selection of the appropriate turf variety is very important for the final outcome. It is required to take into account the climatic conditions of the area, as well as the intensity of usage for the court. The variety of DIAS (Bermuda hybrid) with high resistance to intense use and the OLYMPICOvariety (cold season mix) with excellent appearance throughout the year, are two most frequently used varieties for field use.

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